Off the Farm - Dargaville Township

I like Dargaville to visit that is. My Grandmother came from this area born at a small settlement further down the Northern Wairoa River called Te Kopuru. Her parents moved their family home in 1913 or so onto a barge and shifted it up to Mangawhare where it remains today on the banks of the river. Nana passed away over 20 years ago but I remember her telling me that she was cooking on the old wood fired stove during the journey up the river and people could see the smoke coming out of the chimney. As kids we used to love going up from Auckland to visit our cousins the Eastwoods (no relation to Clint) and cross over the old one way Northern Wairoa bridge that had traffic lights on it so no-one would crash into each other. Dargaville just celebrated its centennial. It's full of lovely old villas,churches and buildings. Nice place to visit but I prefer to live where I am. Here's a few photos of the towns main centre


  1. Yo Ice - not bad considering I have more from earlier in the year. Gotta sort them all out.


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