Art Stuff-African Wildlife "Leo" for now until he's finished

I haven't ever done a lion before not in pastel anyway. He's kept me sane while I'm tearing my house apart looking for things I know are there but can't find (growl). He needs a better name. Suggestions are welcome. He's not finished of course but he's starting look like a lion instead of a dusty mess of strange colours and shapes. I'll post him up again when he's all finished and looking like someone loves him.


  1. Leo is turning out great. The mane around the face looks very lifelike. Looks like a young lion..will u be adding whisker spots and whiskers..though they are often not very prominent in some lion darwings I've seen...I'm working on an article on Barbary Lions and playing with Leo n Fairy..look forward to the completion of the pastel..

  2. Hi Omer, I'm a detail person. If he has whiskers which he does have and the spots which he has he gets them. Actually Lions have quite a few. I'm going to email Zion Wildlife Gardens and ask if the lions and other big cats are okay. My mum suggested it would be better to put them all down until I explained all about the Barbary Lions they had there and how rare they really were. You have Leo and Fairy I have Emerald clawing my toes ouch! I'll get poor Leo all finished right down to his whiskers. Looking forward to reading that article on the Barbary Lions. Actually that's another one I'll have to do. And the Gir Lions as well. So many different subspecies...groan.

  3. For Basement Cat and the minions - here is the lolcat bible:

    come towards the light from the basement ;)

  4. Cant wait to see him when he is finished! Awesome already! YEA for the Mississipi frog too! I love frogs, used to catch them in the summers with my cousin and we'd "train" them to go through mazes..or so we thought, actually the poor things were trying to escape us! Why dont you name him after the Lion in "the lion, the witch and the wardrobe"? Beach pic is awesome!

  5. Omer that is hilarious!!!! No! Minion of Basement cat will return to the depths of the basement and await ordas - signed Minion of Basement Cat. We shall prevail......

    Rae - I like that little frog. He deserves a post of his own. All of our native frogs are critically endangered but more exist in the wild than just a hundred! Aslan..hmmm Trouble is this is a white lion then again we could get a away with it I suppose. They shot the movie in and around Auckland area. I love those Narnia books so do the kids.


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