Rodeo in Christchurch targeted by Protest Group - From the NZ Herald

I read the article below on the New Zealand Herald Website. Debate over Rodeos and whether or not it should be banned has gone on for years. We have one at the Paparoa Agricultural & Pastoral Show each year. On my own personal level I have never seen any of the animals used ever mistreated or showing any signs of stress. The SPCA Inspectors are always on site to ensure the animals' welfare is being taken care of.

In the US the specialised breeding of both bulls and bucking horses is big business. Some of the animals are worth a small fortune. Professional Rodeo Clowns lay their lives on the line to keep the bulls from hurting the rider after they come off. An entire industry has developed from the concept. What would happen if suddenly overnight all of that was banned. A lot of people would lose their livelyhoods and damage the local economies of the areas concerned. Not a good thought.

I have no doubt there have been serious cases of mistreatment involved with rodeo events however that won't necessarily mean that all Rodeo events are in the same category.

All I will say is - our local show wouldn't be the same without the Rodeo coming to town, but that is my own personal opinion.

This article is from the NZ Herald

Protest group targets rodeo
4:00AM Wednesday Nov 12, 2008
By Jarrod Booker

Auckland may have banned it, but rodeo is still riding high in Christchurch where an international event is spurring animal rights activists into action.

Lobby group Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) is promising protest action ahead of the International Rodeo being held in Christchurch this weekend - a feature of the New Zealand Cup and Show Week.

SAFE this year successfully lobbied the Auckland City Council to ban rodeo events from its land, in a first for New Zealand.

Councillor Cathy Casey said: "I disagree we should use animals as some means of entertainment."

The International Rodeo in Christchurch has attracted 39 of the world's best "cowboys and girls" from the United States, Canada, Brazil, England, Australia and New Zealand, in an event dubbed the "biggest wild west stand-off ever staged in New Zealand".

Rodeo exponents say the sport is popular, and animal welfare is carefully monitored.

But SAFE campaign director Hans Kriek said rodeos tormented animals for people's amusement, and sent the wrong message to children. Straps and electric prods were deliberately used to get horses and cattle to buck.

"It has got nothing to do with good stockmanship. Good stockmanship is all about handling animals [while] causing them the least amount of stress. The whole principle of a rodeo is to cause them the highest amount of stress, so they will actually perform.

"They call it man versus beast. It's akin to the mentality that you see in Spain with bullfighting. We want to prove somehow we can dominate these creatures - and it's such nonsense."

Gary Jackson, of the Rodeo Cowboys Association, said that rather than being forced, animals were "encouraged to perform to the best of their ability", and some simply would not. His association was made up of experienced animal owners, and it engaged regularly with bodies like the RSPCA.

SEE ALSO Rodeos -Entertainment or Cruelty. This article gives a balanced account of both sides Thanks goes to Timespanner for providing this link


  1. what a load of codswallop. I could understand if the animals weren't being looked after and mistreated but if they're not and they're happy then why not include them in rodeos?

  2. Exactly. I think the banning by Auckland City Council because of SAFE's loud protests was a bad move on their part and quite bluntly pandering to PC crap. Strict Guidelines are enforced with these events. Next thing the Warkworth Rodeo Event will be targeted. That's very popular. There will be people who would strongly disagree with my opinion but we're all allowed to say our piece.

  3. I've looked on the 'Net for a piece which gives a balanced account of both sides of the argument. This one:

    seems to fit the bill the best. I don't support rodeos myself. Not that you'd see me protesting or such, but I'm just not all that thrilled about animals for entertainment.

  4. Thanks Ice. I'll Add that link onto the end this post. That's the point we all have our own opinions on how we see things and none of us are going to rubbish the other because of it. That's the thing having an opinion is healthy.

  5. Rubbish is right. I have been to several rodeos, and I have seen animals refuse to do anything, and not be poked and prodded, but lead back out of the arena and another horse brought in....Safe/Peta, all the same...what a shame if they can get this taken away! they are so much fun, and I really would love for these 'do-gooders' to actually spend some time raising these animals, I betcha they know absolutly NOTHING of the animals they are talking about! And yes humans are here to dominate over the animals....thats biblical!!!!!

  6. I've seen horses drop down in the chute and they haven't been made to go out. The horse is changed for another. I have seen footage of the Mexican Rodeos they are way way rougher and they have this event called Horse tripping -that sucks and it's downright cruel. I love rodeo I'll admit that - but maybe it's because I do ride. PETA and SAFE do have their place but with balance.

  7. Yes your right, like I stated they have all done a world of good, but like you said, BALANCE! Hey chk out my photo blog, I posted some pics of a place I'll take you and the girls too when you visit!

  8. I saw you had a new post. I'll go over and have a look.

  9. Tell Timespanner I'm going outside to take a picture of a mature bull and post it so they can see how the neck muscles up and how freaking HUGE they are! I can get close ups now since they are in the bull lot thats basically in my front yard! LOL not really but close enough to call it that

  10. Cool!!! Ice will love that.Thanks Rae.

  11. Too right -- thanks, Rae. I headed over to your blog to take a look.

    The bull photos have me interested because with that build at the neck, they start to resemble their wild relatives and what we know of their ancestors. Very cool shots, ta. :-)


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