Very Red Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release Permit to farm leaves food producers gutted

This will have serious consequences for everyone in New Zealand who farms if this decision by the environment court is set as a precedent in other parts of the country. - Liz

“This decision means all farmers in the Taupo area will need planning permission just to farm. This turns on its head the fundamental human right to grow food,” Lachlan McKenzie Environment Spokesperson Federated Farmers New Zealand

12 November 2008

Permit to farm leaves food producers gutted

Farmers today said they were completely gutted by an Environment Court decision that will require Taupo farmers to seek a permit to farm.

The response comes in light of an Environment Court decision on appeals against Environment Waikato’s Lake Taupo variation.

Environment spokesman for Federated Farmers, Lachlan McKenzie said it is like needing a permit to dig a vegetable garden.

“This decision means all farmers in the Taupo area will need planning permission just to farm. This turns on its head the fundamental human right to grow food,” Mr McKenzie said.

“Clearly the Resource Management Act has become so skewed towards environmentalism the Act’s purpose of sustainable management has been lost sight of. Sustainability of course includes economic, social and cultural aspects as well as the environmental side.

“I am deeply concerned the decision will set a precedent for other parts of the country without just cause.

“This is a test for the new government. They must prove they back economic development or we will see the economy backbone contract at the very time it needs to expand,” said Mr McKenzie.


  1. That is scary. I hope your newly elected officials will be able find a good balance between environmental protections and sustainable agriculture.


  2. Hi Jennifer I'd file this one into the Department of Really Stupid Decisions section. My concern is our new government is already ignoring key farming issues and this decision could be put into practice elsewhere in New Zealand. It means even with my small piece of dirt I won't be able to do anything without a permit. We're over regulated as it is and this just cuts the cake. My neighbour Terry would be very badly affected. The entire thing is downright stupid.

  3. I read both articles and its disheartening. Here in the US, as of Se 30th 2008 we have to have a "cool"- a country of origin lable, to track all livestock, and produce, etc...mainly due to mad cow disease, and ecoli, that have been imported improperly from other countries...which on one hand is understandable, Not saying that we dont have our share of problems, Lord knows we do, however we already have strict laws to prevent that. Also as I have posted about before, The dead-wagon as we call it can no longer pick up an animal that has died with an intact nervous system...anyone knowing anything about anatomy knows that means each and every animal dead or alive! So what do we do? Leave rotting corpse around to polute the fresh air? Guess the coyotes will be getting good meals! So far the dead wagon is still in business, a much needed business, but due the 2008 Farm Bill, that livlihood may end, and farmers are faced with disposal of animals who have died of old age and disease. If your farm isnt big enough to dispose of these animals, then neighbors to those smaller farms are in for a stinky time! It doesnt take long for a dead animal to stink...let me tell you, and its BAD! Farmers everywhere are getting the short end of the stick and that stick seems to be jabbed at all of us, everywhere! This is stupid on all accounts, it goes a long with the "cute" factor that motivates those claiming to 'save' all animals....PETA...they are the downfall of farming. They ignore the key issues to us all...and yet impose stupid things Like'permits' to farm? and garden? WTF?

  4. Rae it makes me cringe. I think that's where we all stand together as people involved directly or indirectly with the rural sector.I post these media releases because I think it's of interest to everyone involved with farming of any type. My size property is referred to here as a "Lifestyle Block" okay fine. Thing is I'm so involved with the community here I hate seeing people having to deal with PC crap like this decision. It's stupid. You guys having to contend with stupid regulations to do with dead stock - we have offal holes here and even that requires a permit for goodness sake. COOL "Country of Origin" sounds like something they're attempting to bring in here as well. Another stupid idea that probably will cost a US Farmer's income big time. BSE isn't here in New Zealand. We grass fed cattle. Grain feed comes secondary and that has to be made out of plants not dead chickens and cows - how insane was that. I'm going to look into this PETA business. Powerful lobby group are they? Sounds like it. No on this I thing we're all in agreement. It sucks.


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