One of those Fuzzy moments - Pukeko ones that is

Mr Screech turned up today. Still noisy as always. Then up popped Fuzzy Screech. Fuzzy Screech must have followed Daddy Screech to see what was going on. I didn't have the camera so I had a fuzzy moment and came up with this little charmer complete with the giant pink feet.


  1. Fuzzy little so and so.Yes I had a fuzzy brain moment with this one.!!!

  2. No pukeko's in Oklahoma - how unfortunate- judging from this I'd say they were mighty cute critters- cuter than hens even-

  3. Hi Kathleen I'm trying to get photos of the chicks but Mummy Screech keeps running off with them and yesterday I didn't have the camera out with me. Cuter than chickens - as chicks that is. The adults aren't so cute but very pretty to look at until they chase you that is!!!!


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