Dairy Display at the Matakohe Museum

I must admit I have a love of Dairying History. No wonder with one of my Grandparents being a Dairy Farmer, a great Uncle who helped introduce the dried milk powder industry to New Zealand and a Great Grandfather who was heavily involved with the Co-operative Dairying in the early part of the 20th Century. That aside it's fascinating and I'll blame Timespanner for this. Lisa you can kill me later. This is one of the displays at the Matakohe Kauri Museum of an early milking shed. I took photos of the milk room equipment. The rest of the display was too crowded out with people (good for the museum). The old steam pump engine belonged to Victor Judd one of the pioneers of the local Maungaturoto Co-operative Dairy Company (it's long since been taken over the dairy giant Fonterra).


  1. If you want info on the study of the history of dairy farming in NZ, get your mitts on Eric Warr's "From Bush-Burn to Butter, A Journey in Words and Pictures", published 1988 by Butterworths. I do have a copy in my own collection. Tons of images of dairying technology over time.

  2. Oh, and also Alec Brown's "Town Milk - A History of Auckland's Town Milk Supply", 1992. I have that as well.

  3. Hello Ice!!!!!! Yes I will get my grubby mitts on that book and the Alec Brown one too. Cool on the info. By the way.....I received something from a certain person..fantastic booklets on the Treaty of Waitangi.....AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much they are fantastic. Talk about brilliantly done. I's spoilt I iz. I will catch up. Have to do a write up for the rural Living and the Dragaville news crowd..mutter. And sort out the last of the paperwork for WINZ. We'll get there. Heck I am actually going to have time after this week..cool!!!

  4. Re the Treaty stuff -- I thought, "Should I let her know something's on its way?" Then, the evil part said, "Nah, let her find out when the postie comes." :-)

    Glad you like it.

    "Bush-Burn to Butter" should be around in libraries. Being put out by Butterworths, it was fairly ubiquitous (I got mine at a library book sale). "Town Milk" might be harder, but should be around somewhere. If not -- you know who has a copy. :-)

  5. i DO adore visiting the Matakohe Museum - I just love old things! Liz, do you remember the Akld Museum's Centennial village? That's a favourite too!

  6. Ice you are VERY Evil..thanks heaps. Just got back inside from moving the animals. Guts (that's the bull) had decided to get out!!!! Anyway got him back in where he belongs the little sod.

    Amy I well remember Centennial Street it's still there - I think Ice would know. I haven't been there for ages and I need to go!!! Growl snarl mutter. That's okay I'll get the WINZ crap sorted out finally this week then I can have a break and catch up on the things I love to do like going to museums?


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