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I came across this new blog called David-Railway. I've linked it to the translated page as David's language is Portuguese. David is a railway enthusiast from what I can read. He's an excellent photographer and I think his blog is worth checking out. I have a bad habit of looking at all blogs no matter what the language. We're a global community and blogger has enabled me to make some fantastic friends from all over the world. Sometimes it's good just to take a trip into blogland and see what people in different countries are doing. Check it out if you're into Trains and Railways. His photos were taken in India and he has a few links there for his websites. I think this blog has serious potential and will over time become really awesome.


  1. Liz check out this blog, I have it on my blog roll (blue bird hill)
    and her store is
    You'll love it

  2. Oh cool!!! I will thanks Rae!


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