A rose by any other name

Anne has this thornless climbing rose in her garden. I'm figuring it's part of the Rose Banksia Family but I can't be sure on that one. I got carried away with my digital camera as we who blog tend to do and took some photos of some of these lovely flowers Anne had and a one of her doves. I love her garden. Reminds me of those cute Beatrice Potter books with Peter Rabbit and his friends. I just love gardens..wish mine could look as nice. Not with a calf and a horse in it right now! Yes it's my fault I know I know....


  1. I love the dove, so pretty, just dont let my son see it...I'm afraid to say he dove hunts! LOL course never a white dove, thats illegal...and too pretty! LOL I'm with you on the garden...I'm starting mine this spring! I've got some ideas, and will be awhile until mature of course, but I'll plant some bulbs that will come up right away....I cant wait I love to garden

  2. Doves are lovely but also very messy I love them regardless. I love gardening too so does my Mum she wasn't happy when the heifers got out and ate all her new plants - neither was I. My Garden is a disaster after winter so it's work work work!!!

  3. After yesterday a thornless climbing rose sounds lovely - the flowers are nice too. Bob

  4. Hi Bob, I love that rose. I'm going to ask Anne if I can get some cuttings off it then talk to a rose breeder friend of mine to see if the variety can be identified. Sounds like you and some roses had a conflict of interest so to speck. Great to hear from you.


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