Camp Raider Zaire - Another Photo By My Friend Alley

This photo is hilarious. When Alley was camping in Zaire some young chimpanzees raided the camp and stole most of the food. Lucky for Alley she had plenty of backup from her hosts. Chimpanzees are amazing apes. They use sticks as tools to extract grubs and ants out of trees and logs. They have close cousins called the Bonobo. Bonobos live in peaceful groups, where the Chimpanzees are often in conflict. Some years ago I recall reading an article about chimpanzees literally going to war with each other. This had been caused by human encroachment and habitat destruction causing a serious lack of food resources. And like the Gorillas these intelligent animals are critically endangered. Hope you like the photo.


  1. Yo Ice,

    Is it cool or what. Will be in touch

  2. Gday, just popped over from Dreadnaught Bob..

    Cute photo of the chimpamongst the pots and pans..
    love all your critter pics. ill be back to see more..

  3. Gday to you Jeanette. Great to hear from you over there across the Tasman. I have a bad habit of putting up critter pics. Gald you like them!


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