Art Stuff - a Shell?

Well at least I think it's supposed to be one. Out of my now misplaced visual diary. I did it one summer afternoon at the kitchen table with my nephew drawing one side and my sister doing a sketch of her son on the other. We had such a neat time just doing nothing but art - then we had do the stock. So much for a nice ending when one of the bulls we had here at the time got out into my neighbours place and caused havoc. He tasted nice anyway.


  1. Lovely- as usual! What did you use? Penciles, watercolor? It looks watercolor on your blog...I've got some, never opened I need to experiment with but not sure how! LOL

  2. Watercolour would you believe. It turned out really well. There was this great guy called Alwyn Crawshaw who just made things with watercolours so much simpler. Actually now I'm thinking about art and stuff I'll put his website onto the blog and you can check it out. Alwyn is from the UK.His wife June is also a great artist.


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