The 6 a.m. Wakeup call

So much for ever getting a sleep in on a Sunday morning. The Terrorist has it all worked out very nicely. On the door step - exactly at the time of 6 a.m. demanding the bottle. Not tomorrow she won't be. We tied her up so for once I can get some extra sleep in time. Eleven weeks old tomorrow and she's still so tiny. We don't mind - this one won't be leaving any time soon as in the next ten years or so (yes too soft for my own good as usual).


  1. She is very sweet and pretty. Animals do require commitment but the affection they shower us in return is worth all the effort!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is a great blog too and I'll definitely visit it daily!

  2. With eyes like that, mad bush, who could ever part with her.

  3. Hi Cats, I was blown away by your incredible blog. You are right on the commitment side. Everything on our place has been hand raised by yours truly except for four old chickens (one is twelve years old) and the two old horses we have here. Two chickens and five cows call me Mum. I wouldn't change it for the world.

    Weaver of Grass - how could I ever let her go anywhere. That little calf was headed for the freezing works at just a few days old and my friend Gillian rescued her from the bobby calf pen. She told her boss the calf was far too cute to end up as veal. At this rate I think I should go and buy a bigger farm!

  4. Yep you should go buy a bigger one, ajoined to US!!! here in the US, man we'd have a ball! Crying everytime we lost an animal, and shooting groundhogs and opposums! LOL Today is Friday here I'm surprised to see you guys are ahead of us so much, can you tell me whats gonna happen in the next couple of days so I know, my mind is in a fog these last few days, and a heads up sure would help! LOL

  5. Hang on Rae I'll just get the crystal ball out and tell you what's happenin' there gal! Well it's lousy weather here and you'll get the good stuff. Tomorrow it's my turn to shift the land over to Kentucky - your turn to stomp the groundhogs!I need a shrink!


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