Art Stuff - Jan's Garden from my visual diary

A couple of years ago I had a commission to paint this huge villa on canvas. I hadn't ever done anything like it before but the final result turned out brilliantly. i don't have a photo of the painting sadly but I still have this little sketch I did of Jan's garden. I love old houses.


  1. It turned out well didn't it? I love that picture but now I can't find that particular diary!!! I'll locate it eventually along with everything else...

  2. Beautiful as should be able to make some mula with your work...I'm so impressed daily Hows the new blog coming along?

  3. So beautiful! I love it! My grandmother, an artist, just passed away, so when I see a talented artist it makes me happy!

  4. P.S. Your girls are so beautiful!

  5. Hi Guys!!!

    The new blog? I have set something up just gotta finish sorting things then I'll be sending you over the links and stuff Rae. We must conspire!!!!

    Red Clover Hi there!!!! Your Grandmother must have been a relly special person, Thanks for the compliment!!


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