The City Where I grew Up

I love Auckland City but not the problems that come with urban living. Twenty years ago it wasn't a very busy place. Now that's changed and new developments are going on all over the CBD. They held the America's Cup here then lost it - not that I really worried too much about that. I'm two hours drive away from a city with just over a million people. These are some photos I took the last time I went for a visit. The tower is the Auckland Sky tower at 326 mtrs it's not the tallest in the world but it's now a landmark on the city skyline. We're lucky that we have two coasts so close. The beach is only ten minutes from me down the road. I am so looking forward to the summer time! I love living here on the farm. I don't miss the city not one bit. Here's to rural living!


  1. Weird I was just thinking about this yesterday as I was out in my garden looking out over the views of farmland and mountains. I miss the convenience of shops and food markets etc in the city but I know that living in a small country rural town is way better for my children to grow up in.

  2. I'm glad you came to your senses like I did and left the big you know all the sights, smells and sounds and experiences that you missed the whole time you were there dont you!

  3. Country girl at heart. I grew up next to a dairy farm when I was little then we moved into the urban areas of Auckland. I literally had a culture shock. When I was a teenager - great. Now I'm older nah - I prefer where I am. My kids have done so much better here than they ever would in the city. I do miss the convenience of the markets but...I chose to live here. So who cares. More fun chasing stock around the farm!!!!

    Rae I know what you mean. I lived and worked right in the CBD of Auckland for a couple of years. I loved it then and still do now. I made the right choice coming to where I am now.

    Amy sorry to hear about your son's bike. Anything I can do let me know.


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