How True is that?? Cow Psychology

For anyone who has or has had cattle this link just has to be checked out. Cow Psychology by Cowboy Jerry just has to be the best piece of writing I have ever read - where cows are concerned that is. I'm afraid to say the one I was intending on named. (How dumb can you get!) I would love to hear your comments on this one guys. It's priceless.


  1. Yea I'm finding out naming this makes it harder to let go, but for some reason I HAVE to name them...everyone needs a name! You have to have a name to BE somebody dont you??? Therefore they all need names even if we eat those named, or not...I however CANNOT eat Oliver...he must be sold...I laid the law down on that one! I just absolutly LOVED the cow psycology....LOL its SO TRUE and done kind like my farming 101 etc...I must post this link and do another farming lesson as well! LOL gave ma good laugh! All cattle lovers should read this...still laughing at how true his words are

  2. By the the pic....and the cute I've seen them with this lopsided ear thing going on so many times as if they have to have their nose in everyones business and know whats going on at all times, or maybe its one side of the brain recognizing you and the other wondering "wheres my food"

  3. Oh and one more do you add the link with jsut the word link and not the whole link showing on your link link link.....ooops got stuck sorry

  4. Very informative.

    Great picture too!


  5. Smiles and a good chuckle! I do not own a cow, but will look fondly on them as I drive by the occasional pasture!!! Naming is dangerous. Glad to find you!

  6. Hey...sorry, I just made the Any Girl comment, you see that is my blog of life, and Red Clover is my blog of gardening. I often forget what I am signed up for when I comment, and I confuse people. Eep!

  7. That calf was the first one born here on the farm - he got eaten.
    The conly name he got was number five - a tag number. Best way I think or you keep them (Like I have)
    I named Micah though - bad move and I raised him by hand - bad move number two!
    Just link to the post. Copy paste it into the URL in bloggr link window or got to the website (open a new tab first)- copy the link in the address bar then paste back into that little popup thingo and
    there it's done!

    I can relate to all of what Cowboy Jerry says. Been there done that!

    Any Girl/Red Clover don't worry I have several blogger names and I post half the time using the wrong ones then remember!! Cows are nice until they get into your garden and utterly destroy it that is. Mine looks like a battle site at the moment - probably because my horse is in it and the calf (I let them in there) Bad person -Rae would love to get away with that too but Norm won't let her LOL


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