Cute Little Guys

I had to post up these little guys. Beef cross calves from Anne and Camerons dairy herd. How can you not want to say awww...


  1. I tend to think more of a caption than awwww ...

    "Ssh! We've been spotted! We'll talk about the evil plans for universal domination later -- now, just act innocent and keep up the cute calf disguise ...!"

    Then again, that's just how my mind works at times.

  2. You kill me!!!! That is just so funny!!! Oh yeah with an evil mind Icanhazcheezeburger would love it!

  3. They are nice, I always think that cows keep a lot of their appeal as they grw up unlike a lot of animals. Lambs are cute but not so much when grown. Do the calves have some Hereford in them do you know?

  4. Hi Bob The front calf is half belted galloway and the other is hereford sired. The Galloway Cross calf was found by accident wandering out the back of Ann and Cameron's farm. Cameron found a dead cow over on the neighbours next door so he figured the calf had come from there.Nobody ever came to pick it up so they have kept it.


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