The Mad Bush Farm Dinner Party

My Mum dropped off some scraps for the chickens. Trouble was it had mince in it and Emerald decided she just had to get in first!!! Cat in the bag goes against the Cat is out of the bag. It was hilarious. I took a photo then rescued the remains and gave it to the chickens. Trouble was both Emerald and Dream wanted to join in!!! Then the Party Pooper came along and ruined their dinner party. How rude!!!!


  1. what? dinner party? you never invited me? *sniff*

  2. No I wasn't invited either!!! Humans excluded from this one!

  3. Just too cute! Love the cat eating with the chicks! Sounds like something my cat Sam would do, except he eats birds so I cant let him around my little henny penny...gotta think of a cute name for her! Ideas? Love the party pooper, she sounds like how Oliver used to act! So far my little heifer calves havent had that wonderful follow you around personality yet, cant wait till I get one or more that do! Probably wont leave my barn! LOL Gonna be ALLLL MINE! And the rock art..so neat! Girl you will definately sell more artwork! Every time I see something you've done it makes me want to go do my own to try to get better! Will reply to email tomorrow! I'm beat and gonna go to bed and SLEEEEPPPP INNNNN! Woo HOO

  4. One little heifer following is fine..two little heifers and a little bully bulldozer calf following you around makes for ...trouble. You get eaten alive chewed and sucked on by those sharp little bottom teeth of their and bunted!!!Then you make the mistake of loving them far too much and end up keeping all five of them!!!!

    I think I'll stick to being a professional party pooper instead That way I can spoil everyone elses fun instead.

    Cats soon learn that chickens have big claws and very sharp beaks. One of my friends named a chicken McNugget...well..ok...