Mountain Gorilla - A Fantastic Photo by my friend Alley

A good friend of mine Alley spent an entire year back packing around in Africa. Being a keen photographer she trekked all over the place including Rwanda just to get photos of the fantastic wildlife. She visited the Mountain Gorillas where researcher Dian Fossey had spent eighteen years trying to save the gorillas from poachers and souvenir hunters. Dian's life was featured in the movie "Gorillas in the Mist" 1988 starring Sigourney Weaver. Dian was found murdered the killer never found or identified. This photo is of a adult Silverback male Alley was able to photograph. These animals like so many others are critically endangered. It makes us want to take a look in our own back yards and see just what special creatures we have that should be cared about. Food for thought.


  1. WOW how lucky was she to have seen this!!!! I LOVED that movie and Diane Fossey has always been one of my "heros"! I love that one! Great post-Taking Bo to the Vet today, he is acting like a cat I had a few years back who had a brain tumor, which I found out is common in felines....I'm thinking his jumping off the desk is a result of something else not what caused him to act this way, he is getting worse quickly all of a sudden and if they tell me thats what it is, or something as bad I'll probably have him put to sleep today and cry for the next several weeks.....

  2. I've that it is an amazing experience to view gorillas in their own environment. I wish I could experience that myself.

  3. Beautiful photograph. I agree absolutely about caring for all our animals. In the UK the red squirrel is gradually making a comeback I am glad to say.
    I love latching on your blog because the banner at the top appears gradually and that "critter" appears slowly from the head downwards!! What is it please?

  4. I asked Alley if I could post up some of her photos. She was more than happy. I felt this one hit the mark. I admit that I have a serious flaw for being deeply in love with wildlife.

    Rae I'll keep my fingers crossed Bo will be all right. Let me know what the outcome is with his situation.

    African Safari Stories - I'm of the same mind. I would love to visit some of the places Alley went to. Africa is such a diverse place -sadly like many regions in the world there are serious political problems occuring to the detriment of both people and the unique wildlife. Just to be there with the gorillas would be the ultimate privilege.

    Weaver of Grass
    New Zealand has some of the rarest species of birds in the world. Depsite that greedy people try to smuggle them out of our country. I recall the Red Squirrel had been pushed out by the introduced American Grey squirrel. Pleased to hear those wonderful little guys are making a comeback.

    As for the critter. THAT is a cartoon version of an Australian Brush Tailed Possum. It's a long story so I'll put up a post about it to explain why my furry little friend is there.


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