Kids,Calves, Ducks and everything else

Afternoon at Anne's place. The kids were getting their calves done ready for pet day in two weeks time. It was just such a lovely day today that turned out to have a nice warm afternoon for kids,calves and the adults. Then there was the free for all by the ducks and chickens for the bread Anne had thrown out even the doves got involved. Had a good day today and tomorrow looks even more promising. Anne gave me the hard word about getting some art work done for her that's what I'll be doing along with a picture to send over to Rae...swap for the soap she's sent to me. Hope everyone has had a great day.


  1. What fun! The never ending fight for bread too...LOL I bet the girls are excited about Pet Day arent they???? Good luck selling your art, you wont have any trouble!

  2. I loved watching the little chicks try and eat bread bigger than they were!.Sad to see only four are left out of the ten that were hatched. Hawks and stoats have got the others. The girls have worked so hard to get their calves leading properly. I need good luck!!! Hope I won't the art market here is funny. I'll stay positive there.


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