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For Rooma

Ensconced within the vision is a mystic mystic rhythm resembling
Silken threads, at peace, detached
Whose sonorous voice remains unmanifested

At times it is freed after a prolonged wait
At other times its rendering is an inevitability

Again on other occasions its loosened fur
arises to dance like lightning
The whole of creation then descends like a mass
of clouds. Its supernatural
In the Universe then only duality is in solitude

Amidst this solitude I'd love to be stuck by lightning
amidst this solitude having loved I weep


Images taken on our farm in the Nikau Palm grove Maungaturoto, Northland New Zealand


  1. I'd agree with that, it's very quiet peaceful place, you're blessed :-)

  2. I love it there. I can think undisturbed except when the Terrorist decides to follow me that is.LOL

  3. Gday Liz. Its looks lovely place to just sit and relax and read under the palms and stags

  4. I wish I had a palm tree in my back yard-you're so lucky! Looks like a lovely place to spend some time thinking.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and Kisses,

  5. Liz, that is a wonderful place you have there in the trees ! Trees are one of my favorite things ,animals, hildren, snowflakes. I will shorten the list by saying all of God's creations. Have a fun loving week-end. Hugs..

  6. children, I chopped off the c in the other comment. LOL

  7. Beautiful trees. I love trees, especially old, big trees. I have some photos of huge trees in Nicaragua, I might post them on my blog some day.
    Merry Christmas!
    ps. check out my blog, Danita is having a doll giveaway!

  8. Hi Jeanette its' a great place to find some quiet. sometimes ifthe horses are in the bush paddock they come and stay with me for a while. Great to hear from you. I love your garden Jeanette. Gorgeous. Don't get too hot in Mebourne will you. Take care and a big hug. Liz

    Hi Leslie. Get a Washingtonian Palm they're a little prickly but they grow really fast. I think they're fairly hardy as far as weather goes.

    Big hug and love to you

    Hello the other Leslie LOL! At least I don't get you guys mixed up which is good. I type things wrong too so don't worry. We have some amazing trees in our bush

    Big hug to you and love. Liz

    Flor Larios Art, Yes I have to get over to your blog. I've been writing lots of articles and apart from posting up this I haven't had a chance. Will get over. I LOVE Nicuragua. I would love to visit there one day and see their amazing Country.

    Love to you and hugs

  9. Liz, arn`t nikaus the most amazing native palms !? I take many photos of trees and plants and have some fabulous shots of nikau, kauri, and other natives species - will post them for you to have a look - I would value your opinion also. I have a `thinking` place down by the Waikato river in the Hamilton Gardens - have you been to the Gardens ? They are beautiful and well worth a visit if you are down this way - let me know then I could meet you and give you a guided tour !

  10. Hi Ngaio, Lovely to hear from you. I've been out on the farm most of today checking fences a job it seems that never ceases even with twelve acres.LOL! Wonderful you like the Nikaus. I definitely do. The rest of the bush is lovely too. It will be the more oce I've wiped out all those horrible possums we have in there. I've been to the gardens in Hamilton. They are really wonderful but when I'm down there again I'll definitely take you up on your kind offer to show me around them. My niece lives in Hamilton so I have a place to stay which is great. I'll come over and visit your blogs then catch up with everyone elses as well.LOL. I'm sooo far behind.

    Take care and a big hug to you.


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