Minion of Basement Cat wants to steal the collection plate


  1. Basement Cat needs his funds from somewhere. At least a minion's paw prints will be on the plate and not himself. :-)


  2. Cute picture, boy, he or she looks serious about the "goings on." Hope you find your plate ! Chuckle.

  3. Jennifer Basement Cat has ta set dis up so da minion takes da rap. I'll be arranging da interrogation bring da cheap kitteh food.LOL!!!!

    Hi Leslie 2 He's serious. Be careful be very

  4. The minion is biding his time..

    AZ is a terrible disease and Bill's blog is a great read for everybody who want to draw inspiration when they're ill.

    Many congrats to Inaya on her award - and to you as the proud mom!

    I don't know much about Tuis but it must be great to have a bird with a melodic voice on our garden. We have an owl that comes at night and acts strangely..

    Yeti is very puretty - I thought initially that she was a follower of the ceiling cat but after reading your post my worst fears have come true - basement cat has infiltrated the inner echelons of ceiling cat followers...nothing will be safe for long now..

    That poem 'Evening' really made my day. Thanks for continuing to share such great poems as well as finding those wonderful new blogs..

    Mr Screech finally returned to wake you guys in the middle of the night..I thought he'd be back..

    Horses are such majestic animals. That's a nice sketch too. I'd been wanting to post about them and wolves on my mammals blog but am unable to get around to doing it for some time now..

    Have a great day and give many purrs and hugs to everybody at the farm from all of us :)

  5. Omer!! Great to hear from you

    The minion is waiting for the celing kitteh to turn his back...

    I'm glad you liked my post about Bill. He's a great guy and going through AZ is bad news. Hope he hangs in there

    Tuis are beautiful birds. I waited six weeks to get that photo it was worth the wait...

    Yes your worst fears have indeed occurred. Yeti is ...a predator and now she has six small Yetis to carry on with Basement Cat's work..a small Yeti might yet come to the farm..I will have to be careful..very careful...

    Evening is a beautiful poem and so apt for the shots I took at the Settlers Lodge gardens. Glad you liked it so much awesome

    Mr Screech is now back with full force. He screeched at me early this morning...Baement Cat musta set dis up.LOL

    I draw horse a lot better than that one I posted. He was a quick drawing very quick. Not bad though. Hope you can get time to post about wolves and horses. I love both of them

    Purrs and hugs to you and the Kitties from all of us here at the farm


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