Photo Essay - Kiwi Country Kids at the Christmas Parade

A Child's Christmas Eve Dream

Last night I had a lovely dream,
But strange as it could be,
For on the bill beside our house
Stood a great Christmas Tree

It glowed with lighted candles,
High at the top, a star,
And 'round it, dancing in a ring,
Children from lands afar.

There were polite, little English girls,
Swiss boys with funny skis,
Dutch children in queer wooden shoes,
Joined hands with shy Chinese.

Turkish lads is tassled fez,
Tots from France and Greece and Poland,
Laughing as the children do
In the safety of a free land.

Perhaps my dream's a prophecy
Of Christmases to be,
When little children everywhere
Can sing because they're free.

I surely wish with all my heart,
This day of Jesus' birth,
That peace and love and happiness
Soon cover all the earth.

- Unknown

Photos taken at the Maungaturoto Christmas Parade and Maungaturoto Country Club Maungaturot Northland New Zealand


  1. Cool photos. Avondale used to have a neat parade like that. Then, folks got their knickers in a knot over OSH an' stuff ... *le sigh*

  2. Oh yes I remember you telling me that. Well they could reinstate it if they decided to get their act together *le sigh* is right. Crazy when people just can't put aside their differences..mutter. At least here we have a Christmas Parade which is really cool. Kids had a ball.

  3. Hi Liz,

    I enjoyed the photo's of your Christmas Parade. Looks like the kids really had a ball. And I love the poem! Would it be okay if I use it? Not sure I will, but I might.

    Merry Christmas, Liz!

    Love and hugs,


  4. Hi Liz,

    As I was looking at your parade,it just dawned on me that you are having summer now! I love seeing your pictures and all of the greenery. The sun is shing,too. I have not seen the sun since Sunday morning ! I love bagpipe music, your marching band was awesome. Have a glorious day.

  5. Nice parade and costumes-love the girls with the painted on santa beards!

    Have a wonderful day Liz!

    Joy to the World,

  6. Hi Renie You might as well use the poem. I thought it was lovely. The kids had so much fun. Hope you're not still iced in.

    Merry Christmas to you Renie
    Big hug and Love

    Hi Leslie we're just coming into the first month of summer. Winter here was awful. No sun for weeks and lots and lots of rain and thunderstorms. The parade was wonderful. The Waipu Pipe Band were a little lower in numbers this year but still great. Sun is shining again today but we need more rain for the water tank and the pasture.
    You have a great day too. I'll send you some sunshine.Big hug to you Liz

    Hi Leslie
    Aren't the painted faces fun. The kids just had a ball and I got lots of photos. Hope you are well and having fun getting ready for Christmas.

    Lots of love liz


  7. love the photos and the poem =they go together so well - My favroite photos are the big ball & the tractor float I have no idea what it was but I like the eclectic quality of the group

  8. Hi Kathleen, I'm in another blog account at the moment. I like the big ball photo as well. The kids were having such fun after the Christmas Parade. The tractor one was the Otamatea Repertory Theatre Christmas float from their last Production 'Never Mind Mother Goods' it was a hilarious play. The poem is wonderful. I think they went really well together.

    Take care


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