Ah..guys? There's a Minion in my bag...


  1. Hi, Liz, I just love that photo and you have 3 beautiful girls. When I lived in the country I collected animal, too. But, where I live now I don't even have a pet. I just lost my cat. It is 11 degrees here this morning and it snowed last night and now the ground is frozen. I won't be going out today. I just got my tattoo on my 70th birthday, one month ago.

  2. Hey Liz-Sorry to hear of your opposum woes-having them continue to come and bother things.

    I'm also sad to hear about your friend with cancer-it's such a terrible illness. My Mom died of cancer-brain tumor-it was sudden and took her in 8 months-she was young-only 58-and I miss her alot.

    Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog, I really do appreciate them as they are very encouraging and special to me.

    Blessings of Love always,

  3. Hi Leslie . I'll have to call you Leslie 2. LOL! sorry you lost your cat. Sad when we lose a friend. I liked your tattoo it was really beautiful. Good on you for getting one. Stay warm.

    Jennifer..perhaps those designers have been corrupted...I could end up with another one..just like it..oh no...

    Hi Leslie. Yes the possums are a real pain at the moment. We'll stay on them and reduce their numbers. They've had too gooder survival rate unfortunately...

    I think cancer is something at one time or another in our lives we all face. My mother has Leukemia - a chronic form rather than acute but it does make her very very tired at times. Cancer sucks. Sad about your Mum.

    On your blog. Every comment I put I mean. I think your blog is awesome and very special. Mine well..is wierd must be the air..LOL!

    Love to you too Leslie


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