Art Stuff - Clydesdale Horse sketch form my visual diary

This one was a quick scribble. Normally I do them better but it's the dead of the night and I was far too busy staring at Rush Hour 3 to actually pay proper attention. Fun to do and I love horses anyway. This horse was part aof a team of three that were being used to give wagon rides at Devonport in Auckland City last year. Devonport is a wonderful place to visit. Have to go there again when I get the chance.


  1. Maybe check it out once the Naval Museum has finished moving to Torpedo Bay.

  2. Good idea Ice. Cool they're moving it?

  3. OK Liz you do far too many posts in a day for me to keep up - I need to take up several issues with you
    first of all -no wonder I get behind I'm still on Sunday and you are half way through Monday!
    Second - I don't recall knowing that you play the HD - did I miss a comment or post or not realize who I was talking to or is it a well kept secret?
    Third love the sketches of the horse
    Fourth - I am falling in love with the terrorist she is a calf soon to be a cow right? I want to do a portrait of her if you don't mind

  4. Hi kathleen,

    Well yes I do play it's just that I haven't made it public.Kind of like I don't tell everyone I can knit either and crochet LOL! I'm not that wonderful. I can get a tune out but I am going to relearn some of the classical side. I was taught modern piano and I have no sense of rhythm.

    Yes I know I'm rather naughty when it comes to blogger. I'm in the media part time as well so media releases are always coming through.Bad bad girl.

    That sketch wasn't bad. Not good either. I'm picky I suppose. I can draw horses way better than that.

    The Terrorist is a heifer until she is two years old. And of course you can paint her. I have so many images of cows,horses,alpacas, chickens...and the list goes on......

    Love hearing from you. anything you want or you need a larger image just yell. click the email link there and I'll send you some through.


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