Blog that is a must read - Where To, Bud? A personal journey about Alzheimer's

When Bill Craig a Dallas based Respiratory Therapist was diagnosed with Alzheimer's he started a blog Where To, Bud? about his own personal journey. Bill describes in his profile
" A trip into Uncharted Territory: Alzheimer's Disease and how it relates to me."

I have a personal interest in this blog. In 1997 when my father passed away my mother did the greatest thing anyone could do in a time of grief. She donated my father's brain to the Alzheimer's Research Foundation. What greater gift could be given to help find a cure and better treatment for this debilitating condition. No-one deserves to have Alzheimer's. My mother a year later became a chaplain for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients. I've shared over the years much of her personal experiences with families and the people themselves. Mum is now retired but the work is continuing taken up by other caring people. I hope that somewhere my father's gift has helped make some advances in Alzheimer's research to help Bill and other people who have Alzheimer's.

I've just been reading Bill's last post. He had a jam session with some of his friends playing "Knocking on Heavens Door' written of course by Bob Dillon. It's Bill's last few words from this post I've copied and brought over into this post. I don't think I could describe what he's dealing with any better than Bill can in his own words:

I will let this be a sort of "pilot program" with my situation as "guinea pig", and I will relate my experience - warts and all - right here on my blog. So if you have a loved one (or are a loved one) with an AD diagnosis, please bookmark my site, and I will keep you updated every step of the way.

I just think this is important. We already are dealing with this friggin' disease, let's give ourselves a break and not have to worry about where things are and focus instead on getting better.

Tomorrow let's discuss "DENIAL", okay?

Thanks for being here for me, and all of us!


Bill you are awesome. Hang in there. And anyone who reads this post go over read Bill's blog and click the follow button. I have and will keep reading every post and giving Bill support in his journey. Bill has an adult content warning on his blog - only because he feels his blog is only suitable for adults not because of anything else so don't be put off by it.


  1. It's such a sad illness for anyone to get, I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. I can only thank God that none of my grandparents suffered from it.

  2. It's an illness that really sucks Amy. Nobody deserves to have it. I hope my post makes people aware it is out there and people need to read Bill's blog.

  3. Bill is a very dear friend of mine -- thanks for such a great review of his blog. Just smilin', here.

  4. Glad you are Ice. Bill is cool as in really cool. Hope people go over and read it then follow it.

  5. I have worked with people Alzheimer's and it is the saddest thing that could ever happen to anyone. My favorite Aunt had it, too. You did a great thing posting Bill's blog. God Bless you.

  6. My great grandmother, before she passed away had Alzheimer's and every time we went to visit her it was sad when she did not recognise me. I really hope a cure is found for it.

    Thanx for sharing this post on Bills' blog.

  7. Hi Guys thanks for reading this post

    Leslie 2 - You've had and insight into what it's like to deal with it directly.It's hard watching people who are wonderful vanish and nothing can be done. Thanks for caring and reading this post

    Africa - Thanks for sharing about your Great Grandmother. That would have been painful and difficult for you and your family. I just glad I've been able to share Bill's story with you and others. Great to hear from you and keep your great stories coming. I love your blog.

    All the best to both you guys

  8. Brilliant. I have a friend who has succumbed to Alzheimers and no longer knows any of us. It is such a cruel disease. It is only by acts of stupendous generosity, like donating the brain of a loved one who has died, and by following blogs like this one that we will all eventually benefit fromthe research that is going on.

  9. Hello Weaver,

    Thank you for caring so much. Your words say exactly how I feel about this disease. It's terrible and no-one should suffer from it.

    Take care Weaver


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