6 am this morning on the farm

Yet another possum caught. They must be having a good year that's six in the last four days. I watched a hawk hovering over the trees waiting for the baby rabbits to venture out of their burrow here just near the house. Mr Hawk missed out today. The adults weren't about to let their little brood of babies end up as a hawk's breakfast. Emerald came in with a badly scratched up nose from fighting no doubt with a possum. Mr Screech showed up last night making as much noise as he could. I hope he didn't eat my goldfish. No sign of him or Mrs Screech this morning. It's now 7.05am. Six chickens are sitting at the door giving me the 'give us food now' look. The Terrorist is figuring out how she can escape the big tyre thing tied to her halter and it's another day beginning. Grey skies again but rain here is at a premium. We need it.


  1. Who catches the possums?
    I want the rain to hold off until this arvo, I have washing on the line :-)

  2. The possums traps do. We just set them. Just looking at the skies. could be fining up.


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