Red Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release ' Employment Relations Amendment Act welcomed by farmers'

12 December 2008

Employment Relations Amendment Act welcomed by farmers

Federated Farmers has welcomed the passing of the Employment Relations Amendment Act today. With around 550 rural job vacancies throughout New Zealand, the 90-day probation period for new employees, the Act introduces, will give farmers the confidence to employ staff they may not have previously considered.

“Having checked the rural websites there are around 550 job vacancies listed right now,” said Frank Brenmuhl, Federated Farmers employment spokesperson.

“Farm businesses are exactly the sort of enterprise this Act will benefit. There are a lot of great employment opportunities in the rural sector. Prior to the Act’s passing lack of agricultural experience would have seen farmers reluctant to take a chance. The amended Act removes that obstacle.

“This new Act will open the door for farmers and prospective new employees to build constructive long-term careers. That is not just a huge boost for the employment market it is what the economy needs.

“Farming is a unique employment situation as accommodation is often supplied by the employer. This means compatibility is crucial from both sides. The probationary period will enable the employee, as well as the employer, to trial a working relationship. This treats the employment relationship as one between equals.

“This is a very positive move,” Mr Brenmuhl concluded.

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