Introducing.....The all new improved..AMYVAC

Yes with the new improved Amyvac you are guaranteed hours of constant recleaning of your mess with the predesigned instant loose catch system. Your dirt and dustmites will LOVE you for it.

Ah not quite. Poor Amy gave me a helping hand today to clean up my disgusting hovel of a house. As of several hours ago Amy became an official member of the Mad Bush Farm Crew by completing the two following tests. Test one follow the head Mad Bush Farm Crew person through some bush up across blackberry. Say hi to two old horses then.... get the ritual bogging in a bog and lose a pink plastic shoe stolen from one's dearly beloved daughter. Head Mad Bush person rescues pink shoe. Amy and Mad Bush person unable to stop laughing. Test two...use ancient tellus vacuum cleaner and watch the stupid thing drop it's guts all over the kitchen floor. Poor Amy it was so funny. Well I have the photo to prove it. Just need to do the right advertising now...hmm anyone want to invest in the all new improved AMYVAC???? Oh come on she's a great investment. LOL! Thanks Amy for all your help I had a great day with you today. Hmm have to find that gnome now...


  1. sounds like a great day to me - Love the insane moments of uncontrolled laughter - I don't know anyone here so they are few and far between for me - except for the night my sister had lots of wine and couldn't pull her apron off over her head so just made it into a stylish turban - we could not stand up- I like the looks of that vacuum!

  2. Oh no. That just sounds soo hilarious. It's neat when you can have a great laugh. I could just imagine you and your sister all wobbly would have made a great photo!!!LOL. That Tellus is a great vacuum for a farm house but..as you saw it does bad things like drop its mess back on the floor.

    Great to hear from you
    Keep up that wonderful art

  3. oh man! you have to blog about what else happened. I've heard that mud packs are good for the skin LOL I must remember your farm is great for skin therapy.

  4. Come again!!!! And you can have that mud pack in the dam. don't know if I can dig you out though.LOL!!!

  5. Is that Amy Forbes? Looks like her! What a doll!

  6. Hi the other Amy! Yes it is> And that picture is a classic.LOL!!