Bad Micah the little white faced bull and other goings on

Sooo Innocent (not!)

Micah at the back. River left. Ocean on the right

Stream deciding to hog the water trough

NZ Flax (Phormium Tenax) in flower

Today was one of those typical farm kind of days. Something had got out and there was a possum caught in the trap. Dealt with the possum and buried it then...Mum came down with a broom in one hand and a naughty little Terrorist jersey heifer running along in front of very annoyed Grandma's broom. She had gotten adventurous. Now she's tied to a big tyre so she can't go wandering too far. No more going up the hill to eat Grandma's new garden.

U meeen hooman u tie da moo up to da tire!!

Looking from the road up to where my Mum's house is and the long driveway

Afternoon came.....Mum came down again this time to head on out to Maungaturoto. Well she was until she saw Micah our bull standing in the garden near our house. How he had got out..simple enough he had jumped the spring gate. And the fun began there. Mum went out and the kids and I had to deal with the Guts. Micah is quiet enough BUT he was only interested in going after the little heifer tied to the tyre..groan. Cattle stick in one hand and Inaya with a lead rope in the other we managed to untie the Terrorist and walk her back down the hill with Micah hot on her tail..literally. A few had whacks with the cattle stick stopped him from doing anything we didn't want him to do. Put back in the paddock with the others with an extra hot wire put across to stop anymore escapes. By the time Mum came back all was peaceful again.

As for Micah..he gave me a dirty look. Wonder why.



  1. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right? :-)

    Our bull sometimes decides he needs to be a different pasture too, without consulting us first!


  2. Hi Jennifer. Of course it's greener..not. Little toad. Just like his father big Micah used to do the same except it was the boundary fence and Terry's Dairy cows. I think you are quite right. Bull should ask first. Bad boys. LOL!

  3. oh dear...just wondering does he lick cars too?

  4. amy hate to tell you this..yes he does and he looks at himself in the side mirrors. LOL!