Crashed out

Dream and Emerald had it all worked out. Sleep the entire day and forget the world completely. Strange kind of day today. I got the local rag this morning and all they had on the front page was a negative report on how the economic downturn had affected the Dargaville Christmas Parade. Not a good way to promote Christmas cheer. For my family here we could be negative. Finances are stretched to the limit I can barely pay my mortgage and sometimes I don't sleep well at night . Somehow I know deep down everything is going to be all right. Economic downturn or not why wallow in it. Pointless. One thing I've learned in my life is to move on and keep being positive. It works.


  1. Yeah they have it all sussed out.LOL!!!

  2. Cats have it figured out. Us humans stress out too much. We need to take a tip from them once and a while to feel better. Hang in there!

    Keep looking for those LOLCats moments! :-)


  3. Oh, to be a cat-no worries, right? I'm coming back as a cat in my next life-the Lord permitting.

    Yes, remain positive-no other way to be as you said-just can't help but be upbeat!

    Don't worry, 'bout a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna' be all right...Bob Marley

    I believe it! Keep sending positive vibes out into the world and positive vibes is what will come right back to you.

    Prayers are being sent your way.

    Lots of love,