A Christmas Poem written by me

They're having a party for Christmas
complete with pretty tree
Lots of yummy pudding waiting
just for me

So leave the window open
I'll be right on in
I'll swipe that Christmas pudding
then leave you with my calling card
and a broken bottle of gin

I'll call my cousins to come on through
the merrier it will be
then we'll lay in hard
munching up your pretty tree.
And when we're done
with our bad fun
we'll hide your gun
when you're sleeping in your bed
so tomorrow night
you won't be shooting us dead.

So here's your Merry Christmas
from all us hairy clods
We're all called possums
not rotten Marsupial Sods.

Written by Liz in a moment of perhaps slight madness


  1. Ha Ha nice poem..possums are kinda cool too..though watch out for those eyes in the dark - one of these could very easily be a minion...

  2. LOL that's so clever, we're staying home this year, hopefully it'll cut down on the madness. I sent you an email too a few mins ago.

  3. Omer that's what I'm afraid of....could just be a minion pretending to be a possum. I had better be careful very careful..

    Amy got the email. Been doing Horses last couple of hours. Yeah the Marsupial Sods decided it was time to make plans on swiping that christmas pudding...

  4. Hi Liz,

    I've been down with a major case of the winter duldrums! Hope to shake the feeling soon!

    Your cute poem certainly helped. Hehehe. Our possums in North America are rather harmless. I just fed one, out there in the dark.

    Holiday Hugs,


  5. Hi Renie,

    I'm sorry to hear you have the Winter doldrums. Hope you're getting better. I'm glad you could have a little smile. I haven't written a poem for over twelve years not that any of the ones I wrote were very positive before. This was fun and spontaneous. Your Opossums are fine the ones we have aren't.Yours are very lucky they have you to care for them. Ours are nasty smelly little beasties with very destructive habits.

    Chin up and a great big hug for you