Photos from this morning on the Farm and over the Fence

Terry's Dairy cows in the paddock behind our back boundary fence
after milking this morning

View of the top part of our bush from behind my studio
Nice weed garden!!!

And another view slightly further down of our bush

Terry's Heifer Replacements being brought up to the yards next door to our top entrance gate

Another shot I took further back from across our middle paddock on the south side of our farm


  1. Looks calm and quiet there, the cows look busy though.

  2. Yeah munching grass bull is in with them. Big Jersey and he is mean...

  3. Dont like mean bulls! scary! Love the pictures tho and to me, your weeds are so beautiful!!!! I'm serious, you have such different vegitation than we do here, so its all lovely to me! So green toooo! You are making me cry for summertime! booo hooo
    possum pics- cool! Not disturbing to me!

  4. Hey there Rae,

    Oh don't cry...before you know it spring will be back and we'll be stuck with a yukkie winter again..groan......I HATE WINTER!!!
    I'll beam over a big ray of sunshine just for you except we have a grey sky today..might get a blue one tommorrow I hope so need one to help the grass grow.

    I don't think the dead possum photos are that bad but the joey was alive when I took that photo poor little thing. I felt terrible killing it but it had to be done. One part of living here I don't like doing. That jersey bull was seriously nasty. No way was I going near the back fence not with him roaring and snorting back at me.

  5. We need the sunshine here! gray all day, misty and then began to sleet...YUCK We are expected to get snow by morning, possibly 4 inches...even more YUUUUCCCCKKKK. Hey its hard to have to do like you did with the critters, but sometimes life isnt all rosey is it? There is an ugly side of everything. As far as the bull...keep away, you know as well as I do that fence wont keep him back if he wants to get out and get you! My colt is coming a long better than anyone could have expected or guess for a colt. I'm so tickeled pink! You HAVE to come over now! Heck I'm about at the point to pay yours and the girls way over here! No Joke! Gotta make that happen somehow!

  6. Cripes Rae the Air Fare would be disgustingly horrendous for sure. Your little guy will come along just fine. No bulls like that it pays to keep well away.You and I at least both know the score there. I hate winter...love summer.