Art Stuff - Kahikatea Fruit from my visual diary

I did these last year when the Kahikatea Trees were in fruiting stage. I had a lot of fun attempting to draw some little studies of the various stages. From all the comments scrawled all over the page I must have been nuts that day (I'm kidding of course). I do recall that it was a lot of fun. Gee I've used that word a lot today. Oh good. And no I'll never make it to the great botanical artists societies ever as I'm actually serious about anything? Never or life would be dull.


  1. I just love visual diaries - I would dearly love to be able to create one to go with my textile art but my drawing ability is nil' Some of our best textile artists (Jean Littlejohn, Alice Kettle, Jan Beaney) have created the most wonderful sketch books which are in themselves works of art.
    I love your work.

  2. Hi Weaver. You could always take photos of your textile work and put them into a visual diary anyway and put your comments in with it. I love my visual diary it's a record of places I've been or things I've done. Thanks for the compliment on the drawings. Just little scribbles but they're so much fun to do. I've thoroughly enjoyed your poetry. Better than mine!!

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  4. I love your journal page-visual diary or whatever you call it. I've never attempted a visual diary before-seems like it would require a fair amount of time-of which I have little-after working all day, making and eating dinner, I'm lucky to even start a painting.

    Much love to you and your family!

  5. Hi Leslie

    They call it a visual Diary but a journal page is just as good. I used to work sixty hour working weeks until recently as a Property Manager. For my own sanity I would have a page there and sometimes scribble it out over the course of two weeks. I have time now to settle and sort out my art again. It's been a very long time since I've had a chance to even paint anything even bad paintings LOL!

    Lots of love to you too Leslie