A Christmas Angel for Anne

Last night we went to Anne and Cameron's Christmas Party on their Dairy Farm at Paparoa. Loads of people I knew from around the local district had shown up and we all had a great time. Anne had this gorgeous Birman kitten she had bred and aptly the little kittie had been named Angel. I just had to photograph her.


  1. Beautiful little kitty!! Gorgeous eyes and so cuddly! Glad to see you on the 'Bubble', Liz!! You will have a wonderful time there.


  2. Hi Liz,

    What a sweet kitty! And it sounds like you are well into the Christmas socializing. That is so nice.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi guys

    Amy she is cute and..grumpy. Grumpy kittie growled at her mummy..LOL

    Hi Avril!!!THANK YOU!!! I am going to upload a profile and some artwork. You've just made my entire christmas with your wonderful comments and encouragement. I showed my Mum your blog and she was just soo in love with your artwork..so am I. Going to have lots of fun on the Bubble for sure. See you there very soon.

    Love Liz

    Hello Renie

    I'm so glad you're over visiting. Christmas cheer is such a good thing and the kittie I think has certainly showed that for Anne. You have a wonderful..Sunday!!!I'll be over to visit your blog now my computer has decided it's not going to have a hernia.LOL

    And best wishes and love to you

    Hi Jennifer,

    You could do with another fluffy furry cat palnt but this one would have to be a kittie plant. Great to see you guys are busy with the farm and having fun as well.

    Take care great to hear from you

  4. Hey Rae,

    Great to see you!!! Hope you are well. Will catch up

    Take care

  5. Birmans are so very cute. So sorry I haven't been around lately. I have a lot of catching up to do! I think all the way back to those photos of Kumara Country you posted a couple of weeks back. Beautiful pictures. Kumara pie sounds delicious. Would love to have one some day.

    Deals with Basement Cat are always murky. Be very careful. Also I think I read somewhere that chocolate could be poisonous for kitties.

    Saved the recipe of Kumara Pie. Thanks for that. I'm not much of a cook but will try and get somebody to cook it sometime in future!

    The piglets are cute. Planting a tree is a very noble and eco-friendly thing I think. Hope it grows into a big beautiful plant in the years ahead.

    There is something fascinating about those photos of Mangaroho Rock..very interesting and lovely words from the passage!

    I remember the time when tv used to close down for the night too. Seems so incredible now with all the different twenty four hour channels on satellite tv all day long...media has definitely come a long way in the last couple of decades..

    The 'Silhouette of Cat' photos are artistic indeed. Look like black and white photos from the past..The 'bacon lolcat' pic is very very funny. Am still laughing..

    Cows and buffaloes always look at you as if you are guilty. I remember hearing someone in a documentary that the cape buffaloes looked at you as if you owed them money...

    The new hairstyle looks great and 'the terrorist' looks cute too though I can't quite figure out what he is thinking..

    The feather drawing is very nice, just like all the others! The possum in the mailbox story is hilarious..I'm not sure but it could still be true..

    The sitting duck pic is funny as is the temptation lolcat! The Kaipara House looks great in the drawing and in reality too - a great holiday accommodation indeed!

    The kitty looks very cute in the Christmas tree. I agree New Zealand is a great country with lots of things to be proud of. I think it's got great natural scenery too. Was the 'Lord of the Rings' not filmed there - the breathtaking imagery in that movie speaks for itself!

    Dream and Emerald are both very cute! Sorry that that beautiful church is now abandoned. Would love to see your future drawing of it and learn more about its history and mysteries!

    Those quotations from the gift shop are so true. Family is everything I think.

    Those fifty two influential photos are so remarkable! I am speechless! I bookmarked the link too and will forward it to friends and colleagues. Thanks a lot for that! Thanks for introducing the Big Cat Heads blog too. Will be visiting that regularly too.

    River is very pretty. Thanks for passing the butterfly and lemonade awards to the kitties! Good thing you spotted the worm tablets in time..wonder how they got there..looks like the work of a minion to me..

    Monet was a great artist. I had one of his paintings as my desktop for quite some time in the past. The 'waterlilies' paining is also wonderful.

    The colossal squid story is very interesting. I'm so fascinated by creatures of the deep. There's so much in the deep oceans of the world that's yet to be explored..who knows what else is down there..

    Congrats on the Marie Antoinette award. I saw a documentary on her the other day on History Channel. Very interesting..

    The cosmic pics are cool. I've managed to take good pics of the moon..but only occasionally..The dingy drawings are both very nice..

    Looks like Basement Cat is summoning all the minions for a major battle against the Ceiling Cat..I am holding my breath..

    The close-up pic of River's eye came out quite well. Sad to learn about the state of affairs with Craig Busch. Hope he and his mom settle their differences in the long run..for nothing is more important than family!

    The Pink Caravan seems like an interesting ride. Sorry about your Dad's passing away. Hope he is resting in eternal peace..

    Firefighters are very brave and selfless people in my opinion. The slaughterhouse painting turned out great in the end. I agree with you - oil paintings do have richer colors!

    Whoa this turned out quite long..that's what happens when you miss out on your favorite blogs for long periods I guess..I'll try to be more regular in the future. Hope you guys are as always having a great time at the farm. Purrs and hugs to you all :)

  6. Hi Omer,

    Really good to hear from you!!! Glad you liked the posts and the basement cat minions are just itching to cause trouble!!!!

    I think my favourite one of the Basement Cat is the one with the BSOD minions

    I've missed your blog really badly. I really enjoy seeing the kitties and the all the great articles about the different cats.

    I don't mind how long you make your comment posts. I've just sat here and enjoyed reading it. Hope the Kumara Pie gets tried sometime you'll love it.

    Really great to hear from you. Give those kitties a big hug from me and the Terrorist says she would like to chew their tails. She got one my kitties the other day and got clawed for her efforts.

    Lots of Purrs and Hugs to you and the kitties

  7. Little "Angel" is sooo cute! Just adorable-I love kitties too-I've got 2, had 7 at one time and am thinking about adding 2 more. What's not to love about kitties? Soft, cuddly, warm and the purring. Cuddling up with a kitty is the best!


  8. Hi Leslie. She is cute . Anne just loves her. I'm enjoying the two kitties we have here. Two is enough. We have so many animals at the moment. I should start a zoo!!LOL

    Love Liz