On the Positive side of life- and a personal thank you to all my friends


Firstly a HUGE THANK YOU to my great and special friends I have had the privilege of coming to know through blogger. I've left a reply to each of you on the previous post. I know Yowie would say thank you too. She's no doubt in a wonderful place chasing butterflies and hopefully not eating them as well.LOL. Yowie loved eating White Butterflies..yuk.

I got up this morning looked outside to where little Yowie has been buried. The Olive tree there we put in next to her grave seems to have become greener. It's a little quieter here without the little kitten on my lap but Sasquatch is making sure I take lots of notice of him. Life has to go on that's how it is.

I like to keep track of what's happening out in the world with the wildlife and what has been happening with conservation. As you can see I have the Snow Leopard Trust Blog on my side bar. It's worth visiting to read about the incredible work the Trust is doing to save these beautiful and now increasingly rare big cats. I'll probably never see one up close or in real life but I love them any way. The Trust were monitering a Snow Leopard named Long Tail in Mongolia. Long Tail was the subject of a Discovery Documentary some years back. Sadly dear Long Tail was shot by a Mongolian Herder a few months ago. The Trust have just published their report on their blog. The link for it is there.

Also a new population of Orangutans has been discovered by Conservationists in Borneo. The popuation estimate could be as high as 2000 individuals. The great apes were discovered in a mountainous region where because of the poor soil and difficult terrain the rainforest has been spared the fate of other parts of the country where logging and now Palm Oil plantations have all but wiped the forests and their wildlife out. This is an example of where farming can clash with the environment and create devastation. You can read more here

On the Marine side of things a very rare Megamouth shark has been found off the Philippines. These sharks are so rare that they assigned a number this is shark 41. You can read more here

Well more to blog about but I'll do that later. No rest for the wicked I must obey the Kitteh!


  1. Once again I'm really sorry Liz to you and the girls, um there is a kitten up for adoption at the vets, a little girl that's just come in, I know she wouldn't replace yowie but you know, she needs love just like yowie did.


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