A Very Sad End to the Day

IN MEMORY OF YOWIE 20.11.08 - 16.04.09

This morning I wondered where Yowie was. She hadn't shown up like she did every morning for her breakfast. Yesterday I had a bad feeling I wouldn't be seeing my little motor kitten the next morning. Why I don't know but sometimes we can have a connection to even the animals we have as pets. I had a special connection with Yowie. I miss her sitting on my lap and getting in the way when I'm trying to write something on the keyboard. By lunchtime that dreaded feeling had come that all was not well with little Yowie and that she would not be returning alive. The kids searched the farm for her and the side of the road but no Yowie. She didn't come when we called and there was no sign of her - anywhere. Tonight we had to go and check up on the old man who is off the farm at the moment and grazing on a neighbours 5 acres just down the road. I went into Maungaturoto first then on the way back towards our farm I slowed the car down and looked carefully along the road verges to see if Yowie was hurt or dead. Sadly I spotted Yowie just opposite our farm gate - dead. I had to drive down the road and sort out the horse then once we were done I returned home with the kids and stopped by the gate so we could retrieve Yowie's body. She had been hit by a car or a truck - we don't really know but fortunately she was intact which spared the kids seeing a horrible sight. I picked little Yowie up and gave her to Inaya who took her through the gate on a feed sack I had in the car. I won't pretend that the tears weren't real. I love my animals deeply sometimes too much but in this case that love was justified and right. We buried little Yowie just behind the house with an Olive tree along side to remind us of that little tabby kitten and her motor-like purr. She had a short life just five months old. Tomorrow I will have to tell our vet that Yowie won't be returning to be speyed in two weeks time. Yes it's part of life but also animals can touch our hearts in so many ways. I'll miss her very badly and no kitty will ever replace her I know that. I have lots of photos but I would rather have her here right now on my lap purring like the little motor she was. Bye Bye Yowie we'll miss you.


  1. Hi Liz,

    I'm so so sorry to hear about Yowie's passing away. She was a very sweet and beautiful kitty and I was mesmerized by pictures of her and the other cats you posted the other day.

    Loss of a loved one is always so very tragic, and animals always have a special place in our hearts when they share their lives with us. Yowie's life was unfortunately short but such is the way of fate and nature at times. I know how you all must be heartbroken right now. Just this morning I was thinking of Forest, the cat I lost last year, and I know Yowie will also live in your hearts for a very long time.

    Sending you all lots of love and hugs in this difficult time. I'm so very sorry and sad to hear this today and I pray that with time your sorrow and pain lessens and is replaced by sweet memories of your time spent with beautiful Yowie.


  2. So sorry Liz. I lost my beloved Maxie - a tabby, ten years old, - about nine months ago - run over outside the farm. He was not cleanly killed and had to be put out of his misery quickly by a passing friend, who then called to tell us what he had done. He was very upset but had done the right thing. I have two other cats but none will ever take the place of Maxie - so I knowhow you are feeling.

  3. Liz,

    How sad! I feel for you and girls. It is amazing how animals become such close members of a family. Treasure your pictures and memories of little Yowie and hold your other kitties close for comfort. We'll be thinking of you guys.


  4. Liz,
    Tears are streaming as I write to you and your family. Every little pet is a wonder and to loose them is a tragic. A kitten is especially such a pure little soul.

    I am glad that you and your girls held a ceremony.

    Much love to you all,

  5. I'se so sorry!!!! I know how it is to lose a favorite kitty (animal) and they are all favorites. Hugs, Tina (cristinoel)

  6. Very, very, very sad. Thoughts to you and yours, Liz. Poor, poor Yowie. :-(

  7. Sorry to hear about your loss
    They break our hearts don't they the little darlings

  8. Hello Dear! I was really upset to see such a sad post from you today. I hope you can feel this hug from Kentucky!!!! give the girls a hug for me too.
    So sorry that this has happened...guess God needed a special little kitty in Heaven.
    Love you

  9. Hi Everyone Thanks so much for love and caring. We miss Yowie very badly. It was worse this morning. I'm so used to seeing her now she isn't around the house seems a little emptier without little Yowie there to fight with her brother Sasquatch. But I guess we all have to move on and so will me and the kids over that little sweet kitten that stole our hearts.

    Omer - As ever your love and hugs are so appreciated. I'm so sorry about Forest. I think we do remember those we've lost even our pets. And yes Yowie will never be forgotten. Purrs and hugs andlove to you.

    Weaver - I'm sorry you had to lose your special kitty in the way you did. You and I both know living on a farm has its risks with our pets. No matter how practical we try to be - we're just too human and soft hearted to be practical when a loved pet dies. Hugs to you and thank you for your caring.

    Jennifer - Hey thanks for your love and caring. I gave Sasquatch a big hug this mornign and he was purring very very oubdly..then he bit my fingers.LOL. Love to you

    Patricia - Oh dear another one that loves and cares for little creatures like me. Thank you for your love and sharing and I'm smiling. Love and hugs

    Tina - Thank you for caring and for your love. Hugs and love to you too.

    Twisted Sister - Thank you for your caring. Yes they do break our hearts and I would agree kitties are little darlings. I love them all. Hugs.

    Lisa - Thanks so much my dear dear friend. It was just so sad but life happens sometimes as you and I both know it the least of fair ways. The little kitty had a short life but a good one and that's what I'll hold onto. Love love and more love. Liz

    Rae - Hey there girl. I'm sorry I had to put up such a sad sad post yesterday. We lose animals that's part of life but..we're all softies and when we lose a little kitty like Yowie it seems just a little harder. I will really miss her. Love and hugs to you too girl. Liz

  10. Oh, poop, Liz, I'm so sorry to hear that about Yowie :(
    Doesn't matter how old they are, they get their claws into your heart and that's it.

  11. Jayne yes they do thanks for the cheerup there.

    Take care


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