Introducing The new improved Mad Bush Gossip Call Centre Team

Of course every farmyard and rural town needs its gossips. These two are the best in the business. Dr Frankenstein did a wonderful job to help Amy and Liz blend in with the locals. If you have someone you really need to talk about and make it all up as you go along then call the Mad Bush Gossip Call Centre team. We're there to spread the rumours....0800-madbush-2-gossip. Oh and do you like our up to the minute brand new call centre. Guaranteed to fall down around your ears in the next strong wind. Go on don't hesitate call the gossips now...


  1. hahahahahahahahaha OMG ROFLMAO

    That just suits us so well! Pity we aren't really gossips tho...but yeah you forgot to add the k-tel words which are "but that's not all, you'll also get blah blah blah completely free at the usual value of blah blah blah"

  2. Well at least it made us both laugh.LOL! I'll have to do some more promotionals with our two farmyard gossips.LOL. Maybe I should take them on a world trip?

    Nah we're not the gossips..we know who they are Amy and it's not us. Oh but WAIT THERE'S MORE!

  3. Jayne I'll start a franchise. Gossips Inc..want a body over haul? That can be arranged......LOL!


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