Revenge is best served with sharp claws..hooman


He got me. Ouchy ouchy ouchy ouchy. The mean hooman has scratches on their skinny arms. Jumper waz noo protectshun against the wrath of the Sasquatch claws....Soo unfair...


  1. Silly hooman needs kevlar. Hooman has been warned about lack of suitable defence against kitteh clawz. Hopefully, hooman now learn.


  2. Silly hooman should know her place! Maids should serve food and not take kitty's to the mean vet.

  3. There is only one word to describe that cat mad bush - and that is exquisite. Hope farming is going well down there - Happy Easter from us in the UK

  4. ouch! I know how that feels, socks climbed up my butt the other day while I was making hot cross buns

  5. Just think - by the time the cats reach old age and stop using your arms as scratching posts on which to sharpen their claws, you'll have built up enough scar tissue so you won't feel a thing! lol :P

  6. This is soo unfair

    Lisa - I'll have to steal some Kevlar from the police?LOL

    Lorain - Oh you are soo mean to the silly hooman. Kitteh no forgive mean vet..payz for dayz does silly human..LOL

    Weaver - This kitteh is a picture perfect kitten. Things are just..chaotic here as usual. I've been so busy I haven't had time to sit down and read everyone's blog..Happy Easter to you too

    Amy - Yes OUCH OUCHY OUCH! Today I was outnumbered....

    Jayne - Oh thanks so much for the sympathy..LOL so so mean to the stupid hooman....


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