PC Rubbish Strikes again

Normally I'd be writing something else but this one I just HAD to blog about. If there was ever an act of PC stupidity leveled against a group of harmless people then this one just has to be it.

I like getting our once a month free copy of the Northern Advocate on the front page was a big photo of some tandem sky-divers with the heading "Would you call this air pollution? Blondes set to go ballistic over attacks on business"
Then underneath a photo of a group of very unhappy members of Skydive Ballistic Blondes Ltd holding up sign that had painted on it



The sign according to the Northern Advocate (April 17), was erected by an unknown member of the public, dead set on making their feelings well known to the company. The sign advertising the Sky Diving Company belonged to the Whangarei District Council, was then stolen over the Easter Weekend, and replaced with the critic's alternative. As well, a complaint was laid to the Whangarei District Council, about the company's van that sells coffee at Kissling Point (Whangarei) on weekday mornings. Seems the complainant was plain out of luck - the van had a licence.

I'll put this to the anonymous critic. They had to drive in their NOISY car along a NOISY road in order to take the council sign, then use a NOISY hammer to put up their version in place of the original. How's that for polluting our lovely blue sky which of course turns grey once in a while. Nothing better to do than to spoil the enjoyment of some fun loving people that use a plane that flies for only a few minutes at a time. Try living at my farm when fertiliser season is nigh. I have good old Ralph's Chopper buzzing our house several times a day and our local top dressing plane doing the same and it can last for several weeks. Do I go around stealing their signs and putting up like the above? Of course not - it's part of the rural scene. My kids and I ended up dusted white yesterday when our neighbour across the road was out with the spreader on his paddocks. Maybe we'll grow a little taller with all that super-phosphate we got covered in. I wonder if we'll be need to go and by longer clothes now...

My question I'll put is my opinion right or am I talking through a hole in the top of my head. Is the critic right or are they a busy body with nothing better to do but to cause the Skydivers unwanted trouble.


  1. Some people have nothing better to do with their time, it's about time they got a life literally.

  2. Just a quibble: I don't think this is PC stuff, rather it's NIMBY stuff. Actually the opposite of PC, because the folks protesting don't care how biased or daft they may appear.

    I'm as noise-sensitive as anyone. Can't stand loud noises: yet, I live under a few air flight paths from Mangere, and I'm in Auckland, which means the police chopper every time someone gets a bit naughty. Especially at night-time. But, for star's sakes ... a protest about sky-divers? The plane goes overhead, then people drop down. There may be some bungi-style yelling, but high up, I don't think you'd hear much. Sounds about the same as a Sunday morning lawnmower. All rather silly, really.

  3. Hello you two

    Amy - I agree. They should get a life. Idiots

    Lisa - NIMBY LOL! I agree. I couldn't think of anything else to call our anon complainant there. Thanks. I know what you mean about being on a flight path I have the chopper and light planes going over my farm every day of the week. Silly situation. I hope they catch the sod.

    Thanks guys


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