Art Stuff - Scribble Dolphin from my Visual Diary

I love dolphins and perhaps everything else that's a critter except perhaps for possums and rats that is. This I drew in well under ten minutes just for something to do other than hand painting letters of a cafe sign groan. I had this idea and thought why not. So I made up a set of how to instructions so if anyone wants to give it a go they can. Lots of fun and so what if it's got the shapes still on it. I'll rub them out some other time.

Today was well......long. I saw my cousin and talked my Uncle and Aunt who are staying here on the farm. I've been painting a sign which seems to be taking forever to do. It's almost done thank goodness. Overall not that much has been happening. The Cadillac is still here at the farm I'll get some more photos of her before she leaves my sight. The Terrorist is sound asleep outside of the house. She's tied up of course so she can't eat my trees...again (growl). Since New Year is coming up I'll be posting up some photos from 2008. You should see the flood ones...not a good scene this last winter. I'll be back a little later I guess after I've done this sign. Hope everyone has had a great day today.


  1. Am looking forward to those photos. Love your dolphin drawing - now that is a skill I would really love to have.

  2. Hi Liz,

    That is a nice sketch of a dolphin. I will have to try your instructions, as I can't draw at all. Looking forward to your pictures. Have a wonderful day!



  3. The sketch is lovely and I will try doing it, too as soon as I have my coffee. Although the dolphin may look like a a cat or dog.
    Since I don't know how to post a picture, no one will ever know.
    Have a great day everyone.. It is 24 degrees here this morning. Brrr !

  4. With a little more practice, mine might look more like a dolphin and less like a submarine with a nose. LOL.

    I will keep trying. Have a good day. Hugs

  5. Hi Weaver You would be surprised and just how easy it was to draw. I put some instructions there. Give it a try. It's easy. I can't write poetry so you've got me beat on that one.

    Hi Renie,

    I would love to hear how you get on. Give it a try anyway. I remember some of my first drawings...they were well.......I'll have to find domw of them and post them up.LOL

    Big hugs to you too

    Hi Leslie

    You have just made my day. That's great you're giving it a go. My Mum has taken up drawing and she's been hiding hers away but finally I've see them they're great. Don't give up will you. I started a new blog just for drawing animals as in easy to draw ones. You'd be surprised just how truly easy it is. Just takes a little practice that's all.

    Big hug to you
    PS You should see some of my first drawings....they're terrible

  6. I am going to draw this dolphin over and over until it does look like a dolphin. I am just a stubborn old woman ! LOL

  7. Leslie good on you. I'll have to find one of my..bad it will help you feel better. No you're persistent. Don't give up and have fun that's all that matters!!!!


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