Now this is what I call great advertising- Cowan's Cocoa Advert 1919

Classic Print Advertising: 1919 Cowan's Coco
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I love this advert. A classic piece of social history brilliantly illustrated with that same old message. Buy it and you will be socially popular. Not much has changed in the advertising world as far as that message goes. Happy 2009 to everyone!!!


  1. Liz, that is a great ad and so very old ! That is even older than I am. When I turned 70 in November I told evryone that, "I am an antique now."
    I am always a day behind you. Hugs

  2. Hi Leslie,

    One thing about antiques is...they're precious like you.LOL!!! My Mum is 76 and she's my precious antique but she's a spring chicken!!! We're a day ahead. International datelines being what they are.

    Big hug

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