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Mama and Babe
Acrylic on canvas by Sarah Irani, 1995

Donated by the artist to the Museum of Bad Art
Review and link below

Now New Year has come and by tomorrow maybe the hangovers might have passed over or perhaps another day and dark sunglasses might be needed here's some more blogs and websites for you to check out.

  • Ryan Photography. Florida Based Dr Paddy Ryan has a website full of stunning images that will blow your mind. Coral Reefs, Birds, Mammals, Country life. Gotta to see it. This one has been bookmarked. Awesome.
  • The Museum of Bad Art - The World's only Museum dedicated to the collection and preservation of Bad Art. Believe me some of the art is really bad and I thought some of my efforts were lousy but.....Yeah well the portrait above is well...original I guess. Mine in truth would be way worse if I painted people that is which I don't. Come to think on it I have one I could send to them and it's.......really bad.......
  • By Danny Gregory Danny Gregory just has to be one of the coolest artists around. Great illustrations and from what I've seen and read this guy is just number one in his field. I want his latest book 'An Illustrated Life' and by hook or by crook I will be getting my maulers on a copy.......Thanks Kathleen!!!!
  • Ugly Overload If you have ugly animals then send them the photo. These guys are actually really cool with great photos except for may be the parasitic worm ones. If you have a weak stomach avoid looking at that particular post. This is a very cool blog.
  • My Chutney Garden Trinidad based Sharon Millar writes about her life and her stunning garden. A blog of note some time back this is one well worth its title. Great blog. Great photos and great writing.


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