Artstuff - Two Fat Cats

Ages ago I was given a stamping magazine. Trouble was I'm miles from the shops and the stamps I did like were a fortune to buy. I like to make cards once in a blue moon since until now I haven't had any time to do much more than come home make dinner, feed the animals and go to bed from straight out exhaustion. With time on my rather grubby paint covered hands from painting a cafe road side sign I decided to revisit that magazine. In it they had a fat cat..he was cool. So I did my own version of him and came up with two. Fun to do and really really easy. Yes I have made up some easy pezy instructions complete with my scribbled out mistakes if anyone wants to give it a try as well.


  1. Thanks, Liz for the fat cat, you know I will draw that ( if I can still make a circle.)
    I hope you will have a great day. I think this will be a better day. I did get my clothes on the right way this morning. Chuckle !

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I'm figuring it must be close to 7.30 am over in your part of the world. Don't worry about making the circle perfect. Just have fun and scribble away. Wonderful to know you're enjoying doing the critters. Have a happy day today


  3. Hi Amy they are cute fat cats. Not too sure if they should be smiling though. There could be a minion about....


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