See I told you one was a Minion! Next time buy direct from the factory


  1. Minions now wearing white..what is the world coming too..buying directly from the factory is sound advice though..

    I'd like to draw a fat cat too..liked your new critter blog - it's a good idea to have such a blog with instructions on drawing different critters..

    Looks like that hurricane caused some destruction there back in July - I and a friend were once caught in some very harsh friends one day when we were in O'Levels..still remember that evening...

    The winter skies pics are great..particularly the rainbow ones..25000 lightning strikes in two weeks!! that must be a little scary living there with all those storms..

    The scribble dolphin is cool too - thanks for sharing its instructions too on the critter blog!

    The thing that strikes me about Mona Lisa the most is that how original and close to reality the painting looks - it's almost like a very good modern day photograph taken in soft light - and even no camera portrait can compare to it...there are lots of theories indeed but anyways having read a little of his notebooks I think Da Vinci was perhaps the greatest genius of all time, ahead of Newton and Einstein!

    That Cadillac is indeed a beauty - classic cars rock!!!

    Looks like you guys had a nice and comfy time at Christmas and enjoyed yourselves - even though what appears to be a relative of a minion ate your Xmas lights!

    The horses sketch is great just like all your others!

    Thanks for sharing all these nice blogs..I'll definitely check them all out..

    Horrified again upon reading your post about the slaughter of cats in China. Forgot to mention it in my blog too - will do that hopefully next week..

    Hope you are all enjoying your holidays and have a very Happy New Year too!

    ps. Looks like things are a little quiet on the 'Screech clan' front..

  2. Hi Omer!!!!

    That was a faulty batch. Someone slipped in the minion into the mix. I've fired the designer.

    I figured after lots of people asking me how I managed to draw animals so well I'd get rid of the mystery and show everyone just how easy it really is to do. I like doing it and it means everyone gets to have fun. Glad you liked the scribble dolphin too. He was fun.

    That hurricane was bad enough to blow barns over. That winter was really bad. I had two modems replaced in my computer in less than six weeks because of the lightning storms we kept having.

    My favourite image has to be the Mona Lisa as well. Photo realistic and brilliant. Leonardo was so fantastic as a painter and an inventor. I love his drawings. He's my favourite artist next to Salvador Dali.

    I love the Cadillac. It's just so extreme for its time. Space rocket car out of the Jetsons.LOL! I'd love one but well I can only look.

    The cats being eaten is a sore point with me and my kids. It's sick and wrong. As you said before it's not only cats the Chinese are eating

    Yet again a minion groupie sneaked in and scoffed the Christmas lights. He got caught out. He'll be made to sing in the Ceiling Cat choir for the rest of his days...

    I like those two horses I drew they're fun and turned out nicely. Hmm maybe they could have tromped on the minions tail as punishment for eating the Christmas lights

    Mr Screech is still around. He must have known I'd chase him with a broom. I found a new screech as well on a blog I'll be writing about soon. Now we have Mr Pheasant whirring and chukking by the house every day. He's cool and at least he doesn't screech!

    We're having a great break. The kids are bored already but as soon as I mention Farm work to them they suddenly find something to do.

    Have a great New Year. I'll be over again to your blog to finish reading it. Sad about the tiger being declared a maneater. Hope they don't get him.

    Purrs and hugs to you and the kitties



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