Photos from our year - Winter 08 Skies of Discontent

Winter 2008 wasn't a wonderful time to be on the farm. The warning signs were all there with rumbling dark thunder clouds and ever greying skies we were in for a bad time. No sun for three long months. The grass refused to grow, the skies were forever grey. Constant thunder storms, heavy rain and flooding made for one of the worst winters on record. One night we had a huge storm. Lightning turned the night into day and we had a strike on the driveway near the house just after midnight. Trees were struck down. This is one winter we learned some hard lessons from. The photos are of the skies during winter including the lightning strike on the driveway. Not good. In less than two weeks 25,000 lightning strikes had been recorded in New Zealand. One storm after the other. Hopefully next winter won't be so bad...but I'm probably kidding myself there. Next post the floods.


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