A wet nose through my window!!!!

I gave up my Property Manager's job yesterday and I know I made the right decision. Home today to sort things out on the paperwork but I decided to take a break and read the paper. Things here at the farm have been quiet apart from Peter the Farm manager on Terry's place next door coming down to check the calves they've just weaned. I'm so used to the farm bike by now you won't see me out complaining.

I'm sitting there and a wet nose came through my window!!!!

I had the camera right there so I took some photos of the Terrorist trying to get her head through the window so she could eat my fingers!!! She is just so funny. I doubt she will ever leave this farm. I'm far too soft for my own good I reckon!!!

A great big thanks to all you guys that emailed me and showed such concern and caring. Rae - from the bottom of my heart you are awesome..and that wannabe blog is gonna happen girl!!!

Today I am going to just..chill.


  1. If Google will cooperate I will try this once again! I think it would be funny to have one of my calves poke their heads through my windows! However Norm wont let them in the yard. Ditto back at you on the comment directed at me! cant wait for the blog...and check out this site, you'll love it

  2. Relax and enjoy all the "wet noses" in life. :-)


  3. Jennifer you are just too funny!!!!


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