A lovely Photo taken by Inaya

Inaya used her new camera she got from her Dad to take this great shot of Michelle her younger sister down in our bush. Clever Inaya!!!


  1. That's so cool! You might have a potential photographer on your hands.

  2. I think so. Nay said she took it because it looked nice ant I explained to her that's what good photography is all about. If it looks good take the photo.

  3. Its such a beautiful picture! Speaks volumes, this is definately one you should frame, and I love the hyena's! So beautiful too! I cant wait to see your calf when its done, I'll have to buy it from you and hang it proudly! Been trying for two days to leave comments and dang google sucks!

  4. Hey there Rae,

    Google has issues right now. I've had trouble getting my emails amongst other things. Glad you like the pictures. I wouldn't sell the calf picture I'd send to you anyway.I don't charge my friends!!!! I just love doing it and that's enough. Do pet portraits from time to time but with my work it's not so often. Can't you tell I'm addicted to anything animal forget the mineral part!!! Til next time see ya!zvvb


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