Photos from this morning

Monday morning and Michelle my youngest has the I have had to stay home and it's been raining. Means the grass should now have a good boost in growth. We need it. Got up early to find Feather (aka The Dumb chicken) soaking wet and looking like a roast turkey. Wrong of time of year guys..Christmas isn't yet here. What a ditz!! I had to take a photo. The other two chickens are Dusty and Picken. Inaya named them even though these funny little birds follow me all over the farm. Caught Emerald later taking a catnap on an old feed sack. I was going to drench the cattle today but with the rain using a pour-on won't be happening until dry weather comes again. Maggie showed up grumpy and as cranky as ever what's new. Better go and move some stock I guess. Til later take care all.


  1. Hi Liz, sorry to hear about the kid, hope she's feeling better soon. The cat looks very contended thats for sure. Good luck with the cattle drenching, I've done a load of that in the past. Bob.

  2. Pour on drench is easier that an internal thank goodness. Still too wet to do so we'll ahve to leave it now until the next fine day. I have one with the flu at the moment. The cat was totally oblivious to everything!


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