Baby in the Buttercups

The Terrorist is now ten weeks old still small and still waking me up early in the am. She decided the grass looked more interesting than staring at her Mum through the window. I couldn't not take a photo before I head out for a few as usual..mutter


  1. She's lovely! You better hope that my daughter doesn't see her lol

  2. Oh I just want to kiss her wet nose and scratch her behind the ears! I'm so goo goo for friends of the furry type! Ask My own calves, they will tell you I'm nuts! LOL Come to think of it...hmmmm....I dont think there are many people who would kiss a calfs wet nose and not care, or think thats endearing?.....hmmm must be that whole electric fence thing.....

  3. BTW I must post a picture of Oliver, my first bottle calf, when he was about her age....the cutest picture ever! I'll put it up tonight...gotta cartoon of my own...hands shakey......but gonna be brave and do it any way!

  4. Electric fences make for bad hair days Rae!!! Or the calves try eating your hair...ouch!!!
    Gotta see that cartoon. I'm home finally. Saw the ex-husdand saw the kids off went to work..did that stuff and now being bad I'm back on the computer!!! I was going to get the drenching finally done but NO!! The rain has come yet again to ruin my plans

    Amy yes I know how addicted your gorgeous daughter is to animals!!! Watch out you might end up with a lawnmower and fertiliser unti all in one go!!! LOL


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