Art Stuff - Mathesons Bay Leigh NZ Sketch 2004

This was one of those sit on the hill for an afternoon and draw rocks. Mathesons Bay is a beautiful sandy sheltered place where during summer families make the most of. While my house was being finished I stayed with my Mum who had a lovely house on the coast. I spent a lot of my time just driving around taking photos and drawing in between sorting out my new place here on the farm. Had a lot of fun doing this one. Sometime I'll get back there again and do some more sketches.


  1. it's a beautiful area that's for sure!

  2. And getting really expensive to go with it! Still a nice place though

  3. Lovely sketch can - I sketch your chickens? would you mind? I've never done a chicken portrait

  4. Hi Kathleen hey go for it! Let me know if you need a larger image or chicken photos. I have heaps!!! Ducks as well.

  5. Hey Jennifer!

    Thanks heaps wish you guys could visit it!!!



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