Hey You Guys!!!!!

Friday afternoon on the Farm. I had a better day today. Got things done at work and came home to a bunch of creatures yelling their heads off for hay and of course the Terrorist figured out Mum had come home. Grass is looking better we've had some rain and sunshine in between. Took some shots while I was feeding out. First photo is Micah II our young bull. He's a nice little guy but..he's still a bull we'll be putting him in with the girls shortly. Hopefully next year we'll see some calves on the ground. Next one is off our oldest horse Edward down in our bush paddock. He's now 28yrs old. First Cross quarter horse and I just love riding him. Last but no least dearly loved Sasha. 22 years old still a little unwell but she's improving everyday. Well suppose I had better be good and do something like....absolutely nothing but plan this blog Rae and I have been conspiring on.


  1. Arent they beautiful..all of them! And your farm is georgous with all the trees! So many differant types unlike what we have here! WOW....you must love to look out your wondow every day! Just like me!

  2. I do love the farm. There's quite a few trees there..and a lot of them have been chewed by Australian Brushtailed possums. Nothing a trap won't fix!!


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